Going "Airplane Mode" by Assal Gheysari

Join Priya Assal on Weekly Journeys where we switch our phones on Airplane Mode for 1 to 2 hours per day and practice the art of turning our focus inwards and taking care of ourselves.

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The Art of Bathing and Communion with Water by Assal Gheysari

It is an honor to be joining the ‘7 Days of Rest’ global event (Jan.1 to Jan.7) by taking part in this 7 day virtual retreat in the Art of Bathing. During this time, participants will be supported with methods and techniques of self-care through communion with water. There are no fees associated with this retreat. By joining, participants are committing to taking one bath per day for seven consecutive days, and putting their attention on water. To participate, please send a message to the links given and request to be added to both Instagram and Facebook group.